Meet Dr. Walsh

Dr. Michael Walsh was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Marquette University. He then received his doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) from Marquette University as well.

He is married to his wife Laurie and they have four children.

Dr. Walsh has a strong commitment to continuing education and has the most extensive number of post-doctorate studies and professional seminars of any general dentist in the area. This has enabled him to stay abreast of the latest in dentistry while constantly enhancing his skill and experience.

Combined with this depth of continuing education and skilled experience, the office is equipped with today’s most advanced technology and offers patients the most comprehensive care available in a warm comfortable atmosphere.

Dr. Walsh is also committed to ‘giving back.’ On more than one occasion he has traveled to Guatemala to offer much needed dental services to those with no other access to care.

Professional Associations:

Downtown Kenosha Rotary
American Dental Association
Wisconsin Dental Association
Kenosha Dental Association – Served as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


In addition to investing back into his community, Dr. Walsh has also spent his professional career investing in his own continued education. He has never stopped studying, learning and growing in his dental expertise. He says, “Every new course, not only increases my ability to better serve my patients it gets me fired-up and excited about what I do. “This is the reason I still love dentistry.”

Bachelor of Science (Biology)
– Marquette University

Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S)
– Marquette University

Certification in Cosmetic Dentistry
– Case Western Reserve University

Full Mouth Rehabilitation
– L.D. Pankey Institute

Society of Occlusal Studies, Full Mouth Rehabilitation
– Case Western Reserve University

Full Mouth Rehabilitation and Treatment/Diagnosis of TMJ Disorders
– Foundation for Advanced Continuing Education (Burlingame, CA)

Misch Institute of Implantology, Diagnosis, Placement and Restoration of Dental Implants
– University of Pittsburgh

Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Head, Neck and Facial Pain
– Craniofacial Pain Center of Washington D.C.

Esthetic Restorative Live Patient Participation Continuum
– Dr. Robert Nixon (Minneapolis, MN)

– Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

Placement and Immediate Restoration of Mini Implants
– Scottsdale Center for Dentistry

Advanced Mini Implant Training
– Dental Implant Training Center (Niagara Falls, NY)

The Art of Oral Surgery
– Wasatch Surgical Institute

Myofacial Pain Treatment and Diagnosis
– Craniofacial Pain Center of Washington D.C.

Biofilm Studies / Periodontal Treatment
– University of Montana (Bozeman, Montana)

Advanced Study in Denture Fabrication
– Dr. John Pettus; Denture Systems of Durango, CO

Diagnosis and Treatment of Xerostomia
– Xerostomia Society (Bestheda, MD)

Advanced Cardiac Life Support
– Marquette University

State Certification in Oral Sedation
– Marquette University

Nitrous Oxide Analgesia Seminar
– St. Elizabeth Hospital

Normandy Study Group for TMJ Diagnostic Disorders and Treatment

Advanced Training: American Academy of Orthodontics for General practitioners

Hypnosis / Relaxation Therapy
– Academy of Clinical Hypnosis (New Orleans, LA)