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Our office offers a unique service. We offer patients a quality, custom-fit denture from our highly respected and reputable office at a very reasonable cost ($600 per plate and a full set of dentures for $1,200). This price even includes follow-up care! In other words, after the denture is finished and set in the patient’s mouth, Dr. Walsh will adjust any sore spots at no additional cost. AND because we have our own denture lab on the premises, it isn’t necessary to wait for weeks to receive you new dentures. We also guarantee all of our custom-fit dentures for a full two years!

Anyone who has dentures knows how difficult it is to get a set that looks and feels good. A very expensive price tag doesn’t assure that the patient will receive a properly fitting denture. It has more to do with the experience of the dentist and his understanding of occlusion.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Dr. Walsh has made over 5,000 sets of custom-fit dentures. If his educational background in occlusion is considered along with his experience, it is obvious that the dentures from our office are a rare opportunity.

Because we have our lab in-house, we can also offer same day relines and repairs of existing dentures.

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