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Thought about whitening your teeth? Or maybe you did so, but they just don’t look as white anymore:

We have a new program you’re going to love:

For only $55.00 you can have the beautiful white teeth You’ve dreamed of AND with every 6 month check up, we will touch them up and keep them that white for the rest of you life! FOR FREE!!

Nothing says clean and beautiful like nice bright, white teeth. But often, after whitening them, they gradually start to lose that gleam. They just don’t keep that bright white look you had and loved.

How does this program work? For an initial charge of just $55.00, we will give you the solution and trays to whiten your teeth into an eye-catching smile. After that, we ask you to commit to a 6 month check-up and cleaning. At that exam, we will touch up that smile and keep it at its original white luster. Any touch-ups and whitening will be at no extra charge! You will only pay for the cleaning and exam as always.

If you’d like to get more information about this program or would like to schedule an appointment for whitening, please call our office and speak to Meg or Denise!

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